Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Becky Busi's Classes

Check out her new classes at Chemeketa College:

NEW! Sculpture Basics

Come and tap into your creativity as you carve, mold, glue, staple and plaster to make your own sculpture.  This class will teach you to focus on creating from your imagination using non-traditional materials and move your ideas into three dimensions in space. The materials, tools and techniques taught in class will allow you to be inspired and create. The instructor will provide a myriad of materials to learn with and create from. Please bring some images of anything you find interesting to class for inspiration.

Becky Busi, Instructor. 6:30–8:30 pm, Tuesdays, Sept. 25 to Oct. 30. Chemeketa Salem Campus, Bldg. 5, Rm. 258.
(CRN 36836) $139 Register by Sep. 20 and save $10.

Drawing Series 

Take all four drawing workshops  listed below and save $87. Becky Busi, Instructor. 6:30–9 pm, Wednesdays, Sept. 26 to Nov. 14. Judson Middle School.
(CRN 36797) $189.

Drawing Figures & Shapes – Sept. 26 & Oct. 3

Drawing figures and shapes can be tricky, but it will be easy-breezy after this class! This class will show you how to create successful drawings that capture elements of contour, line integrity, volume, attitude, shading, shape and depth. Work at your own pace and learn to draw better than you ever thought possible.
(CRN 36832) $69.  Register by Sept. 21 and save $10.

Drawing Pet Portraits – Oct. 10 & 17

Let’s take our playmates to a new reality…draw them! Whether it is a cat, dog, mouse or llama, we will take a favorite photo for inspiration and turn it into your favorite graphite drawing. You will learn the basics of shading, line quality, and utilize techniques that help you finish a wonderful portrait. It’s fun and easier than you think. Please bring an 8x10 black and white copy of a close-up for your pet’s face to class.
(CRN 36829) $69.  Register by Oct. 5 and save $10.

Drawing People – Oct. 24 & 31

Come and learn to draw portraits of people by learning to draw what you see, not what you expect to see. You’ll learn the principles of head proportion and features, and get a deeper understanding of basic portrait drawing techniques. Please bring an 8x10 black and white copy of the person you wish to draw.
(CRN 36830) $69. Register by Oct. 19 and save $10.

Drawing Birds and Squirrels – Nov. 7 & 14

We laugh at them arguing in our gardens, so let’s admire them in some drawings. You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of drawing birds and squirrels. If you have a picture of the species you admire most, please bring it to class. We’ll draw with graphite and add a few touches of color with water color pencils. Please bring a picture and a black and white copy of your favorite bird, squirrel or garden critter to class.
(CRN 36835) $69.  Register by Nov. 2 and save $10.

To register call 503-365-4773 or www.chemeketa.edu/classforfun.  Questions, give Becky a call at 503-978-7766.

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